Shearing Facility

Penn Recycling, Inc. utilizes a hydraulic 800 ton guillotine shear to process large unprepared materials such as I-beams, heavy plate, pipe, farm machinery, rebar, truck frames and heavy equipment to a specified size and density for better manageability by the steel mills and foundries. Laborers remove and sort unacceptable objects from a shaker table ensuring quality control. The resulting product is a clean grade sized according to mill parameters.

Other equipment utilized at this operation include rubber-tired hydraulic cranes, mobile shears, rubber-tired and track loaders and track-mounted hydraulic cranes.

Products produced include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • #1 Heavy Melting Steel
  • 2’ Plate & Structural
  • 5’ Plate & Structural
  • #1 Mill Busheling
  • P&G Busheling
  • Heavy Dense Busheling
  • Foundry Steel
  • Machine Cast
  • Cupola Cast
  • Heavy Breakable Cast
  • Machine Shop Turnings
  • Rail Crops
  • OTM
  • Whole Length Rail
  • Manganese Steel

All in-bound and out-bound materials are weighed upon a 70’ certified truck scale and monitored for radioactive contamination by our state-of-the-art radiation detection systems.

Materials that we purchase and process are delivered to steel mills and foundries throughout the East and Midwest via truck and/or rail.