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Purchaser and processor of scrap, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless, auto bodies, iron, and steel. Truck and container services are available. This is a reminder to increase your recycling activities. Please call us to learn more about our services.

Our Services

Ferrous Processing Operations

Penn Recycling operates a state of the art ferrous processing facility. We offer the following ferrous processing...

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Shearing Facility

Penn Recycling, Inc. utilizes a hydraulic 800 ton guillotine shear to process large unprepared materials such as I-beams, heavy plate etc...

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Auto Crushing/Logging Operations

Penn Recycling, Inc. is able to purchase and remove any accumulation of scrap vehicles...

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Automobile Shredding Facility

Shredding involves the fragmenting of scrap in a large hammermill, which changes the physical size and shape of the scrap into...

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Non-Ferrous Operations

Penn Recycling, Inc. purchases and processes a wide array of non-ferrous scrap materials from industry and the general...

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Modes Of Transportation

Penn Recycling, Inc. offers prompt pickup and delivery service to all suppliers and consumers. Strategically located...

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